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A Motivating Addition Challenge

My class has been working on two-digit addition with regrouping recently, and we’re getting ready to move on to other math strands. Not wanting my students to forget this important skill, I’ve created an addition challenge that I’m using as bell work upon entry first thing in the morning.

I have a 100 chart hanging in one corner, and each day, “Swiper” pulls two numbers from it.

The students must identify the missing numbers and then find their sum. I created little “ballots” that reflect our strategy for addition.

The little cloud on the right-hand side is called our “Thinking Space” and is where the students first show the addition of the ones digits. After doing this, we have a rhyme that helps with the regrouping:

10 or more, move the tens next door.

9 or less, let the ones rest.

I peek at the solutions, and they glue the slip into their math notebook. If the student gets the answer correct on the first try, they earn a stamp or punch on their Swiper Addition Challenge card.

When they reach 10, they choose something from the classroom treasure chest. I hope this regular practice will keep these addition skills sharp! If you’d like to try this in your classroom, click the images above to grab free copies of the punch card and graphic organizer. I’d love to hear what you think or what you do in your classroom to motivate your students to keep these skills sharp!

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Motivate your students to practice their addition (and subtraction!) skills with this fun addition challenge! Easy to set up with the resources you already have in your classroom. Grab the details and some FREEBIES in this blog post from Mrs. Beattie
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