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Easy & Inexpensive Way to Manage Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives need to be accessible to students, but how can you store them effectively? When I moved into my primary classroom from fifth grade nearly three years ago, I inherited a bunch of bins full of dusty, dirty math manipulatives. I found an easy and inexpensive way to manage math manipulatives that looks great in my colorful room!

When I arrived in my new classroom, I was greeted by these awful piles of bins:

They were piled on top of one another and didn’t stack properly. There was NO WAY I could look at these all year, so I set out to find the perfect storage system. I found it in Home Depot, of all places, in the form of shoe boxes! And the best part is they only cost me 99 cents each!

These little beauties are dust-free and stack beautifully because of the lids! I love that they are clear so we can see what is inside, and I made these lovely little colorful labels that just make my heart happy. You can grab them in an editable form HERE.

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Is math manipulative storage an issue for you? Take a look at my organization ideas that are manageable for students, and look great in your classroom! This storage solution is perfect for a teacher

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