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Inexpensive Back to School Gifts for Your Students

It is just about time to welcome students back to school! First day jitters are a real thing for many students, so I like to greet my kiddos on the first day with some sort of small gift. I feel like it sends the message that I am so happy to see them and I’m excited for our time together. These gifts don’t need to be expensive. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite inexpensive (or free!) welcome back gifts for students!

 These fun glow wands are always a hit with my students!! Just print, trim, and tape to the end of a small glow bracelet!  Psst… these are also a great way to encourage your students during testing time!

This adorable gift will definitely leave a mark on your students!

These goldfish tags will make your kiddos the coolest in the school!

Wish your students a Marvelous & Magnificent year with these cute printables!

These tasty chocolate-covered apple pretzel treats would be a hit with every kid I know!

If you’re creative or have a child who is into making friendship bracelets, your students would definitely “knot” turn these down!

These treats would be super for a superhero-themed classroom!

Everyone could use a new pencil! Why not grab some cute ones at the dollar store and add these little tags?!

You could welcome your students with a BANG with these fun tags on a package of Pop Rocks!

If you have a little time on your hands and want to tackle a REALLY cute idea, check out these Rolo pencils! They are awesome!!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here! Have a wonderful back-to-school season!

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