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Are Your Early Finishers Making the Most of Their Time?

In my experience, nothing can be more disruptive in a classroom than a student with nothing to do. Each year, I have a group of students who tend to complete the assigned work with time to spare. What is necessary in every classroom is a set of activities designed with those early finishers in mind.

I have had a BOGGLE board in my class for years now, and it is usually a hit, but at some point in the year, nobody bothers with it anymore. I came across a cool idea on Pinterest for Number BOGGLE or Noggle. That is the perfect way to give the BOGGLE board a facelift and new life! It was originally posted by Katie at Rock & Teach. You can check it out by clicking here:

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The photo below shows how I “tweaked” my Boggle board to accommodate Katie’s ideas. I even got the numbers through a link in her blog post!

The goal of the game is to get as close to a “Target” number as possible using adjacent numbers and any combination of operations. Here’s an example:

I created a NOGGLE sheet for my students to use when playing, and it is available as a FREEBIE in my exclusive Freebie Library. Click the image to download it now.

Something else my early finishers love are my editable Math Morning Work bins! You can check those out here:

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